Tapping into the Power of Social Media

In a dynamic world of ever-changing trends and strategies, social media has become a high impact tool for businesses across the world. This is especially true for small businesses, as social media is a channel to engage with their individualized communities. Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a market advantage for small businesses, as success with social media marketing depends on engagement rather than follower metrics. Smaller businesses gain the advantage as they have a community focused influence with targeted marketing strategies to engage with their consumer base. Given the highly volatile nature of the modern business climate, we are giving recommendations to better build your social media presence to help your business succeed in an unprecedented time.

How Do You Reach Your Audience?

An overarching objective to keep in mind when managing your social media is that, as a small business, your message must be genuine to your company’s values while remaining connected with your audience. This oftentimes means that your promotional operations should mirror that of a customer’s social media rather than a business’s corporate updates. There are various social media platforms your business could use- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest are industry giants that are fantastic for disseminating your company’s message. However, to effectively build your social media presence, you must understand which platforms work best with your business model to successfully engage consumers.

It is vital to understand that social media management hinges on the demographic and psychographic audience you are targeting; once these are determined, the structure of various platforms are designed to give you heightened success.

Consistency in Outreach

As a given across all industries, social media is a relatively low-cost medium that provides possibly the best customer engagement. With an established, relatively static base remaining consistent with your social media outreach and message is necessary to preserve your image. Nowadays, consumers are much more likely to invest in a business due to its corporate values rather than the services they provide. With that in mind, it is crucial to remain consistent and authentic in your messaging in order to create meaningful connections with your target audience. It is also incredibly important to develop a consistent posting schedule, so consumers know when to expect new content from your digital channels. Creating a social media schedule to organize and regulate the distribution of material is an oftentimes overlooked tool that can aid with strategic disclosure of company initiatives. 

Additionally, being genuine to your brand by establishing an interactive relationship with your target market can also work to strengthen the confidence that consumers have in the company outside of the business environment. Whether this be physical, with monitoring click-through rates or page visits, or abstract, with period-to-period growth and expansion, authenticity in your brand message is vital to garnering a positive response from those you are appealing to.

Social media has grown to become a powerful tool to engage, connect, and communicate with your consumers. While there is no specific formula to building a better digital presence, we hope that the tips we’ve outlined will help you reach your goals.

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