A Helpful Guide to Distinguishing Your Business

For the most part, there is no one business that offers a unique service. There are multiple companies that produce shoes, phones, and even groceries. However, what distinguishes each company from its competitor, is personal branding. Your personal brand is what people think or perceive about your company when its name is mentioned. Overall, it is what you want to be known for. This can range from a specific expertise, how you treat your customers, or any values or initiatives you want to be known for, such as climate change. A personal brand is especially important for small businesses as it “builds another channel for people to discover your business”. With your personal brand, you build a reputation for yourself while establishing your business as a respected entity in your industry.  

Given how important and complex developing a personal brand is, it may be hard to know where to start. Below, we dive into how you can start building and improving your personal brand. 

The First Step/Key To Developing a Personal Brand

The first step to developing a strong personal brand is first figuring out who your specific customer niche is. Once you have built a better understanding of your business and its differentiating factors, identifying your target market should align with the specific needs your business can provide. Conduct market research of the places you want to carry out business. This will allow you to better figure out what resonates with your customer base, what attracts them, and what needs they want fulfilled that other local businesses cannot solve. This will allow your business to brainstorm and find out what they can do to make a different, unique identity; this is what a personal brand is all about!

Steps You Take After

Once you identify what makes you different, capitalize on that and take steps to build awareness of that attribute. One of the most important steps of building a personal brand is being consistent and authentic. “All of your branding efforts” to develop your personal brand should be consistent across all your platforms. Your consumers want to know you stick to your values and are reliable. Another way to develop your brand is to create your own website, so you can connect with customers. An important thing to note is that we are saying create your own website, and not only use social media. Social media is great, but at the end of the day, it is a third party site. You do not own the site; it is someone else’s property. By creating your own website, you “create a central source for information about your brand that you can control”. This direct control of content gives your business more leverage and a deeper insight to the brand you are crafting. 

A personal brand is key to any business’s success. It is what separates you from others and what elevates your business to the next level. We hope you have been inspired and reminded of the true nature of your business, and how you can best showcase this to your customer base!

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