The Chef’s Table: A Modern American Bistro

Who is The Chef’s Table?

The Chef’s Table is a local American Bistro that opened last fall during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that many students were not present on campus, and that the majority of restaurants had limited in-person dining and events, the restaurant had trouble building a reputable presence with the community. Due to this low-frequency recognition, our team has been tasked with building brand awareness for The Chef’s Table, with a targeted focus towards IU students and Bloomington residents.

What Are We Doing?

While there are many potential strategies available to boost brand exposure, our team decided to focus on three key priorities for the client this semester. We believe that a dedicated and consistent social media campaign, frequent fundraising with IU student organizations, and the establishment of a customer loyalty program will reap the best benefits for the head chef.

Social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook, will serve as a cost-effective form of marketing that will allow The Chef’s Table to engage with the larger community while broadcasting upcoming special events and menu items.

Fundraising with student organizations will ideally turn into long-lasting partnerships for our client that allow the restaurant to consistently reach a variety of students across their tenure here in the Bloomington area.

Our last main objective, the implementation of a loyalty program, will aid in retaining current customers, attracting new customers, and incentivizing engagement with the restaurant at a high level, increasing both foot and web traffic at the establishment.

Moving Forward

As we continue to implement our marketing consulting solutions to the restaurant, we encourage anyone in Bloomington to pay the bistro a visit! Chef Francis, the head chef, boasts 14 five-star ratings on Google, and his menu is filled with delicious meals. He will welcome you to his establishment any time at 208 S. Dunn St., Suite 102. We hope to see you there!

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