How Your Small Business Can Cope With Omicron

After nearly two years since the start of the pandemic, the world is yet again faced with another mutated strain of Covid-19. The new strain in question, Omicron, is considered a variant of concern by the World Health Organization. Initially, you were all forced to find ways to simultaneously cope with the impacts of Covid-19 and remain profitable. Your small businesses must adapt again similarly. The following are a few practices your small business can utilize to navigate the continuation of the pandemic. 

Tip 1: Shifting Online

The pandemic demanded small businesses to solidify their online presence since services became increasingly contactless. According to a survey, “conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoDaddy”, 46% of businesses either said to be successful in a post-pandemic world they strengthened their existing online presence or created “a website or updated their old one since lockdown began”. This change in behavior is shown through how “one in 10 small business owners polled said they’ve started selling online for the first time because of the pandemic.” In addition to merely using e-commerce to sell products, small businesses have also “used AI-based applications for customer service, digitally tracked client data, accepted digital payments and carried out several business operations digitally.” 

Tip 2: New Partnerships

Small businesses have also started to find organizations they can partner with to improve their operations. Normally, small businesses try to partner with successful companies that can add “immense value to the organization” and “help it grow exponentially”. This can “open the door for new resources, more leads, increased brand visibility and improved brand equity”.

Tip 3: Curbside Pickup

An effective way to reduce the spread of the virus is through maintaining distance. Therefore, small businesses began to offer curbside pickup as a way to combat Covid-19 and protect workers and customers alike. According to Adobe Analytics, there was a 208% increase in the use of curbside pickup by retailers in 2020. Another survey conducted in 2020 by Shopify showed that roughly 40% of consumers using curbside pickup during the pandemic plan to continue to shop in this manner after the pandemic. Continuing to focus on curbside pickup will ensure businesses are protecting the communities around them while enhancing convenience for their customers. 

These adjustments small businesses have had to make have evolved to become the new norm of business that will last far past the pandemic. 

By: Rahul Guhan and Riddhi Upadhyay

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