The Importance of Website Usability

Writers: Melody Lin and Shravan Kumar Editors: Sravya Narahari, Aryan Sanan, Mike Mainella Website usability is a term that refers to the ease at which a user can navigate an institution’s website to find their intended content. This rather intangible metric is crucial for businesses, as it holds a direct correlation with user experience and the … More The Importance of Website Usability

How Can Your Small Business Utilize TikTok?

Written by: Riddhi Upadhyay and Rahul Guhan Edited by: Aryan Sanan, Sravya Narahari, and Mike Mainella What is TikTok? An acquisition of social media platform by the Chinese technology company ByteDance created TikTok- the newest star in social media platforms. The platform aims for users to form a community by posting short videos that … More How Can Your Small Business Utilize TikTok?