Our Work

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Service (ADRS)

ADRS is a program of IU Health Community Health that provides resources and services free of charge to those with Alzheimer’s/dementia, their loved ones, and care providers in South Central Indiana. The organization sought to increase brand awareness and expand to two new counties. Our team aided in this endeavor by strengthening ADRS’s social media presence and organizing focus groups to better understand the program’s target demographic.

ABR Print

ABR Print offers custom apparel and graphic designs for students, teams, and organizations around Bloomington and beyond. The shop aimed to differentiate itself from competition and increase brand awareness across the city. CSC accomplished this by emphasizing Google Reviews and offering unique content on social media. By growing its online presence, ABR Print developed credibility and attracted brand new clients.

Business World of Sports

Business World of Sports was a newly formed organization on campus looking for ways to attract new members to join the organization. CSC was able to devise plans to increase the organization’s credibility. By concentrating advertising campaigns to the media school and increasing the organization’s visibility to students outside of Kelley, Business World of Sports was able to increase diversity of its member base.

Phi Chi Theta

Indiana University business fraternity Phi Chi Theta sought to increase brand awareness on campus and attract a diverse group of potential new members. CSC helped Phi Chi Theta develop engaging marketing materials and taught current organization members the fundamentals of design software. With our guidance, PCT saw a 60% surge in its number of rushees and an increase in student brand awareness.

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Underground Painting

Underground Printing (UGP) is a custom print shop in Bloomington that has served Indiana University students for years. The team at CSC was able to aid UGP in increasing its customer base and brand awareness. Initially, UGP had very minimal brand recognition and relatively low foot traffic. Our recommendations included hiring a part-time brand ambassador, changing printing hours to the times students spent on club-related activities, and increasing store visibility by changing the physical sign outside the location. Following the consulting, the UGP store manager claimed that foot traffic increased with a great influx of likes and comments.

“We did implement a lot of the social media recommendations and saw a great influx of likes and comments!”

UGP Sales Manager