Our Team

Vice Presidents

Becca Bambrick

Studying: Marketing, Business Analytics & Media and Creative Advertising

Involvements: Independent Council, Phi Chi Theta, Consumer Marketing Workshop

Hobbies: Video Games, Gardening, Thrifting and Watching TV

Chloe Meyer

Studying: Marketing, Business Analytics, & International Business

Involvements: Alpha Kappa Psi, Data Visualization Club, Phi Mu, Kelley-to-Kelley mentoring

Hobbies: Skiing, Watching Football, Traveling, Reading, Movies, and Exploring Bloomington

Ivan Mathew

Studying: Economic Consulting, Finance, and Business Analytics

Involvements: Marching Hundred, PSE, AMA

Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Listening to music, Exploring Bloomington restaurants

Makayla Christian

Studying: Marketing, Business Analytics, Sustainable Business, & Spanish

Involvements: Phi Gamma Nu, K201/K303 Peer Tutor, PhotoFocus

Hobbies: Yoga, Thrifting, Baking, and Organizing


Angela Brunner

Studying: Finance, Economic Consulting, and Business Analytics

Involvements: AKPsi, Consulting Workshop, Kelley Honors, Kelley School of Business Young Women’s Institute Student Coordinator

Hobbies: Hiking, Hot Yoga, Baking

Gracie Houlihan

Studying: Finance

Involvements: Women & Co, Delta Zeta Sorority, Hutton Honors College

Hobbies: Cooking, Pilates, Thrifting

Maddie Hickle

Studying: Marketing, Digital & Social Media Business Applications, Media & Creative Advertising

Involvements: IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology, AMA Leadership, Kelley UCS Social Media Team, Kelley UCS Peer Coach, Hutton Honors College Ambassador

Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, Playing Tennis

Rahul Guhan

Studying: Economic Consulting and Business Analytics

Involvements: Hutton Honors Council Association

Hobbies: Bollywood Dancing

Shravan Kumar

Studying: Marketing & Business Analytics

Involvements: Raas Royalty, Kelley Honors Leadership Team, AMA, TAMID Group at IU

Hobbies: Watching Sports, Playing Basketball, Baking, and Cooking

Katie Cole

Studying: Marketing, Business Analytics, Sociology

Involvements: K201/K204 TA, Consumer Marketing Workshop

Hobbies: Crocheting, Watching TV, Hiking

Patricia Chen

Studying: Majoring in Marketing and Social media business application: minoring in music general study

Involvements: Chinese Business Association: Marketing VP | Taiwanese Student Association: Exécutive Advisor | D-force dance club Mkt VP & Dancer | Muzina Music group: Tutor

Hobbies: Music: viola, piano, guitar/cooking/ dancing/ anime&movie / sport

Riddhi Upadhyay

Studying: Marketing and Management

Involvements: Co-Chair for the Service Committee for Pageantry at IU

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, and Attempting to Cook/Bake

Jr. Consultants

Mike Mainella

Studying: Marketing

Involvement: Phi Chi Theta

Hobbies: Climbing, Reading, Skiing, Music

Anoushka Shukla

Studying: Management Information Systems & Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Involvements: AMA, Women & Co., CEO at IU

Hobbies: Dancing, Spending time with family and friends, and Taking aesthetic pictures of the world


Amani Vaswani

Studying: Marketing, Digital Technology Management

Involvements: Net Impact, Center of Excellence of Women in Technology, IDS

Hobbies: Blogging, Watching movies, Taking Pictures for Aerie, Thrifting, Making Spotify Playlists

Pallavi Battina

Studying: Marketing, Law Ethics and Decision Making, Studio Art

Involvements: Out at Kelley, Phi Alpha Delta, Retail Workshop

Hobbies: Memorizing World Geography, Baking, Kickboxing

Dan McGuire

Studying: Marketing & Business Analytics

Involvements: Phi Chi Theta, Consumer Marketing Workshop

Hobbies: Working Out, Listening To Music, Photography

Patrick Russell

Studying: Marketing, International Business, Russian

Involvements: Outreach Specialist for IU Outdoor Adventures, Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity, Russian Language Association

Hobbies: Hiking, Backpacking, Cooking

New Associates

Bobby Cattapan

Studying: Marketing, Management

Hobbies: Poker, Working Out, Watching Football

Amisha Jain

Studying: Information Systems and Marketing

Involvements: AMA, IU Jhanak

Hobbies: Dancing, Spending time with friends/family, watching movies/TV shows

Anya Shah

Studying: Marketing and International Business

Involvements: CEWIT Emerging Scholars Program, Phi Chi Theta, Bloomington Delta Music Club, IUDM

Hobbies: Singing, Writing, and Badminton

Mackenzie Lee

Studying: Marketing Major, Co-Major Digital and Social Media Business Applications

Involvements: Greek Life, AMA, Real Estate Club

Hobbies: Hanging with my friends, sunset walks, and hammocking

Gabbi Mak

Studying: Marketing and Apparel Merchandising

Involvements: Retail Studies Organization and AMA

Hobbies: Sewing, Listening to music, Going on Pinterest

Jacie Nguyen

Studying: Marketing and Business Analytics

Involvements: International Student Ambassador and VSA

Hobbies: Badminton, volleyball, k-drama

Aryan Sanan

Studying: Marketing, Business Analytics, Digital Technology Management, Minor: Philosophy

Hobbies: Skydiving, Water Polo, Reading

Anjana Raju

Studying: Marketing

Hobbies: Painting, thrifting, and listening to music

Kate Schreck

Studying: Marketing/ Digital and Social Media Applications

Involvements: Delta Gamma Chapter and St. Paul’s Newman Center.

Hobbies: reading books, working out, digital art

Sravya Narahari

Studying: Marketing, Supply Chain Management, International Business

Involvements: Women in Business, Phi Chi Theta

Hobbies: cooking ethnic food, listening to comedy podcasts, and watching sad movies